Digital Content Manager

Your are to the DCM what the chief is to the orchestra. It is the backend from which you can archive and manage all your content.

Tailored and intuitive, it gives you the keys to: 

  • Add, modify or delete any content
  • Choose how to publish it on your platform
  • Analyse its impact
  • Define access

Conceived to be easy to use, you have the possibility to use it in full autonomy. And because we won't leave you on the verge, a Daryus team can also support you from time to time or on a daily basis.

The platform

This is the place where you and your teams will have a global overview of your content. The ergonomy being fit to your ways of working and users.

Concretely, after the audit report of all the content to store and organise, a Daryus UX / UI team will then suggest an appropriate tree view, the kind that will help you take the stars out of the sky.

Simple Share

The end of heavy attachment and mailbox pollution. Share your content (internally or externally) with a secure link.

Choose its validity, if a password is needed, and follow the downloads' records.


Kill three birds with one stone, an intuitive tool to quickly conceive interactive, responsive and branded documents (font, logos, colours are directly integrated). To make sure, there won't be any document sent through a mailbox without fitting your brand identity anymore. And yes, the more beautiful, the more it's going be read / use.

Use the drag & drop for a simple selection or to conceive lookbooks, newsletters, press kit, or social media grid.