How to ease sharing of ERCUIS' brand content but also RAYNAUD's (same Group) on one platform while ensuring the identity and territory of each brand?


The internal tool was becoming old and missed essential functionalities such as editorialization and visualization. It was too heavy to improve it internally.



  • Increase visibility and awareness of collections and news of the two brands
  • Develop engagement among journalists and influencers
  • Generate preference and create engagement among distributors and hotels


  • Ease and simplify sharing between the differents internal services (architects, sales) and providers
  • Avoid mistakes and slowly reduce paper use
  • Master and support the calendar of each brand


  1. #1

    Centralize and give access to the two brands' content on a common platform with an audience segmentation to ensure security and avoid information pollution

  2. #2

    Functionnalities developed to ease content visualisation and optimisation as well as information sharing to increase collaborateurs and providers' engagement.

Results (12 month)

An internal tool quickly owned by collaborators and providers.
An easier broadcast of the information and quicker operational process.

  • +4 000 published content Cross-brands
  • +7 000 visualization
  • +3 800 downloads
  • +150 daily users
  • 10x quicker
    share a new collection

The brand testimony

« An extremely profitable investment. Time-saving on a daily basis, new efficiency in the transmission of information. The tool inspired a new dynamic internally and conveys a good image of the company among our partners. »

Nathalie Cesbron Marketing and communication Director (until march 2020)