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How to centralize the brand content and make them available for teams and service providers (architect, PR agencies, distributors)?


The brand had no place to stock all its b2b content to make it available to gain in efficiency on a daily basis.



  • Increase collections' visibility
  • Generate sales among distributors
  • Engage journalists
  • Ensure brand's image consistency internationally


  • Make collaboration easier with partners and service providers
  • Avoid errors and manual oversights
  • Allow easy access to the brand content bank


  1. #1

    A platform centralizing packshots, still life, events and news, catalogs, press kit and press release. Updated on a regular basis, with a 7/24 access for intern, architects, agencies, hotels and distributors.

  2. #2

    A tool able to measure product performances (number of connexions, downloads, consultations peaks) and optimize corresponding production and communication campaigns.

Results (12 month)

A branded platform, used on a daily basis by all concerned people.

  • 138 active users
  • +450 active content
  • 10x times less of consuming interactions
  • 5x quicker collection updates

The brand testimony

« Beautiful tool allowing us to centralize all the brand content and directly communicate with our B2B community and European press. A dedicated team, always there to make our daily life easier. »

Serge Silber CEO
Marie's Corner