Fremaux Delorme

How to centralize the content of the 8 brands of the group and make ways of working easier for internal teams, particularly PR and sales?


The group had a non user-friendly tool, sharing content between internal teams and service providers was difficult. Teams were losing time because of its complexity.



  • Increase visibility and awareness around collections and novelties of the group (8 brands)
  • Generate preference and engagement among distributors
  • Create engagement among journalists and influencers


  • Simplify the collaboration with international business units and service providers
  • Avoid errors and manual oversights
  • Master and support the calendar, proper to each brand


  1. #1

    A platform centralizing all the content of the 8 brands of the group, with access and tools managed for internal use, distributors, agencies and journalists.
    Packshots, still life, lookbook, press kit and press releases, news, brand platforms or brand identity are centralized and indexed on the platform, updated on a regular basis, accessible 7/24.

  2. #2

    A tool able to measure product performances (number of connexions, downloads, consultations peaks) and optimize corresponding production and communication campaigns.

Results (12 month)

A quick appropriation of the tool and satisfied users.
A better content management and more qualitative interactions between the intern team, the international business units, agencies, journalists and influencers.

  • +280 daily users with 5 international business units
  • +4 000 indexed and active content
  • 10x time less of consuming interactions
  • 5x quicker
    collections' update
  • +16 400 downloads
  • +60 content created via the creative interface of Daryus

The brand testimony

« Communication and adaptability of Daryus team are efficient and tailored to our ways of working.
The tool is easy to use and the team is professional and reactive.
Our needs are well listened and understood. »

Caroline COOREN Yves Delorme marketing and communication director
Fremaux Delorme