How to better broadcast the brand novelties in each category: fashion, food, design, and beauty among Press and influencers?


The brand did not have any tools to centralize its content with an easy access, a classification and an indexation allowing an overview of all content available and easy way to find and pick what is needed.
The brand also had few statistics to measure their PR campaign impact.



  • Generate brand preference
  • Create engagement among journalist and influencers
  • Increase visibility, capitalizing on the brand's novelties and collaborations


  • Simplify the collaboration between internal services and external partners
  • Avoid errors and manual oversight
  • Master and support the calendar (collaboration, new collection, new season)


  1. #1

    A platform centralizing all the brand content, easy to access, answering journalists and influencers' needs:

    • access and download of all packshots and still life, captioned, organized, and indexed
    • access and download of all press kits and press releases, captioned, organized, and indexed

  2. #2

    A tool able to measure PR campaigns performances (number of connexions, downloads, consultations peak, used key words...) and optimize them.

Results (12 month)

A quick appropriation of the tool and satisfied users.
A better content management and more qualitative interactions between the intern team, agencies, journalists and influencers.

  • 700 daily users
  • +5 000 indexed content
  • 10x times less of consuming interactions
  • 5x quicker
    collections' updates
  • +8 000 downloads
  • +15 200 consultations

The brand testimony

« Quick. Efficient. Complete and easy to use.
A dedicated team, reactive and attentive. Useful and helpful for journalists, intern teams and our agencies. »

Elisabeth de Tiesenhausen Product PR director of Monoprix