Your btob tool
to ease sharing
and collaboration

We feel it, we know it, more and more brand services are producing more and more content. And besides all their efforts, the teams can't be tends to be fragmented, its control becomes more complex and its power weakens.

Daryus is editing tailored content platforms helping enterprises to gain in efficiency and workers to gain in serenity. Conceived with a smile by our team, to give a smile to yours. 


    All your brand contents; pdf, videos, images.

    Enjoy an open bar.

  • FIND

    An indexation done with the greatest of care

    for fast and relevant search results. Spot-on!


    With your teams and providers.

    From the office, abroad, or from your couch. 


    Consult, choose and/or download. Hi to the end of the too big mail attachement. 

  • SEND

    Create a link. Simple as a piece of cake. 


    Conceive mockup your designer will be jalous of. 

    Don't worry he'll be able to use it too. 


    Integrate your network. Never lose track of their contacts anymore, make it the apple of your eye. 


    The data is yours. Use it as you want.

    When you want. 

Fit for your needs

Intra and extranets are not always the most user-friendly. Yet your employees have to use them constantly. 

Daryus is a new generation of content storage and optimisation to ease daily process. Be aware, there is a high risk for your team to give you their very best.


Come as you are and feel at home. Your ux design will be conceived as a jewel showcase to enhance your content and amplify their broadcasting.
The power of technology and the passion of craft.


No jalousy,  no bitter pill. Bob’s your uncle and we filter the visible content depending on the visitor's profile, for a smooth and never frustrating navigation (group, internal services, distributors, agencies, ... etc) while preventing from errors and distortions. 


Let's spill the bean, one-upmanship of technology is not our cup of tea. Our SAAS technology is  does not require any development from your side. And a dedicated team can be chosen to support you - if needed - on a daily basis. 

They talk about us 

When we hear our client's feedback, we do not regret to have worked relentlessy to deliver a useful tool, brought to life with the greatest of care.

*Nathalie Cesbron is now marketing and communication director at Gien

Right here

« Quick. Efficient. Complete and easy to use.
A dedicated team, reactive and attentive. Useful and helpful for journalists, intern teams and our agencies. »

Elisabeth de Tiesenhausen Product PR director of Monoprix

« Communication and adaptability of Daryus team are efficient and tailored to our ways of working.
The tool is easy to use and the team is professional and reactive.
Our needs are well listened and understood. »

Caroline COOREN Yves Delorme marketing and communication director
Fremaux Delorme

« Beautiful tool allowing us to centralize all the brand content and directly communicate with our B2B community and European press. A dedicated team, always there to make our daily life easier. »

Serge Silber CEO
Marie's Corner

« An extremely profitable investment. Time-saving on a daily basis, new efficiency in the transmission of information. The tool inspired a new dynamic internally and conveys a good image of the company among our partners. »

Nathalie Cesbron Marketing and communication Director (until march 2020)